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Creating a Backyard Getaway with Redwood

Designing a fence out of a natural product like redwood expands on the beauty of your outdoor space by enclosing the backyard and defining it as a redwood sanctuary. When the vibrant and colorful wood surrounds your backyard, it creates an oasis right at home; a space you can escape to and unwind after a long day. Your backyard is a place to create memories with loved ones. Installing a redwood fence adds a vibrant canvas that elevates the beauty of all other components within your backyard.





A redwood fence is a warm and beautiful canvas that surrounds your backyard and expands on its beauty. It is a natural building product that, if left unfinished, gracefully ages with time to a striking silver patina. Installing a redwood fence creates a space for family, friends, and loved ones to gather and create new memories.




Installing a redwood fence increases the value of your backyard and outdoor experience. It outlines and defines your exterior space, adding to the beautiful uniqueness of your home. It is a product of nature, meaning each fence board adds a different natural touch to your outdoor living area. Redwood is a piece of the environment that cannot be replicated with a different building material.




The quality of redwood goes beyond its beautiful aesthetic. It’s a material that will last the measure of time because it stands up to the elements of weather, and termites. A redwood fence will increase the value of your backyard space because of its appearance and durable qualities.






Installing a redwood fence is also a sustainable choice. In addition to its vibrant appearance and ability to last, redwood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certified forestlands. Choosing a redwood fence supports the environment.




Search for the right type of redwood by taking a trip to The Home Depot or The Home Depot’s website! Speaking with The Home Depot’s knowledgeable staff can help you decide where to begin. The Home Depot has a variety of different redwood grades to choose from with the option to place a special order. Installing a redwood fence is the next step to creating a backyard sanctuary!