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Bark & Chips


While the many benefits and beauty of redwood have long been understood and appreciated for shade structures, decks, and fences, redwood bark and chips for soil blending (amendments) and landscaping applications are increasingly popular among homeowners, home gardeners, industrial farms, landscape architects, and many others.

Benefits of choosing redwood bark and chips include:

  • All natural redwood; no added colors, chemicals, or preservatives
  • Renewable resource
  • Excellent soil conditioning properties
  • Excellent color retention for long-lasting beauty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sourced from well-managed forests certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
  • Effective water retention for reduced water loss (evaporation)
  • Stable on hill slopes and flat ground
  • Effective, natural weed barrier
  • Minimally processed


Emerald Peat® is finely-ground redwood bark that is removed from harvested redwood logs prior to processing those logs into lumber. The bark is finely ground to ensure a more uniform consistency, ideal for soil blending.

Emerald Peat is ideal as a soil amendment in place of other options, namely imported Sphagnum Peat Moss and Coconut Coir products. Emerald Peat, hailing from the nutrient packed soils and moisture-rich climate of the Emerald Triangle region in Northern California, is one example of Mendocino Redwood’s commitment to use every part of each FSC sustainably harvested redwood tree in its operations.

Analytical tests indicate that Emerald Peat has more air space and better moisture retention than competitive products, lending body to sandy or silt soils, loosening up clay soils, providing aeration to heavy soils, and increasing water retention and root penetration in all soil types. Emerald Peat is also the environmentally sound substitute.

Key benefits include:

  • 100% American-made Emerald Peat compared to those imported from Canada and Asia

  • 100% Renewable, FSC certified redwood sourced Emerald Peat compared to bogs which gain less than a millimeter in depth each year

  • Emerald Peat requires Minimal Processing compared to dehydrated and compressed products that require significant water resources to rehydrate and wash the material prior to its usability as a soil amendment

Please Contact Us to learn more and to purchase Emerald Peat (bulk quantities only).

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Single-grind redwood landscaping bark is processed similarly to Emerald Peat, however it is ground once for a rougher consistency. An attractive, deep reddish-brown color, single-grind redwood landscaping bark works extremely well on steep hillsides as it will remain in place. It also has a very low PH which helps suppress weeds.


Redwood landscaping chips are made from the trim ends and other scraps from lumber processing. Because logs are round and lumber is square, scraps are unavoidable. Redwood landscaping chips are an excellent usage of this downfall and help ensure that the entire redwood tree is used with little to no waste. Redwood landscaping chips appear as small rectangular pieces varying in color from red to yellow.

Save water in home landscapes

The Western U.S. is prone to drought conditions every few years. The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) has an excellent blog article on using mulches, such as single-grind redwood landscaping bark and redwood landscaping chips, to save water in home landscapes. You may read the article, Mulch the soil surface to save water in home landscapes on the UC ANR website. Videos and how to support is also available on the UC ANR YouTube Channel.

If your family is going to extremes to keep your lawn green, you might want to consider a better way to landscape around your home without sacrificing beauty. Consider using single-grind redwood landscaping bark and redwood landscaping chips! Look for these products at local landscape supply and gardening retailers or Contact Us to learn more.