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The Home Depot Launches Eco Actions Website Focusing on Sustainability and Environmental Impact

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The Home Depot recently launched a new website, Eco Actions, outlining its environmental commitments, goals, and the core beliefs that will get the company, and its consumers,n there. The Home Depot recognizes that the products it sells constitute its largest impacts on the environment, so sourcing those products from sustainable companies is a high priority.

The pillars Eco Actions focuses on are carbon emissions, sustainable forestry, circularity, water conservation, and responsible chemistry. The goals of The Home Depot are listed on the site with progress tracking to see what goals have already been completed and what are on track or ahead of schedule, dating back to 2016 and looking ahead until 2035.

Mendocino Redwood has been featured in both the sustainable forestry and water conservation pillars.n The story on building wildfire resiliency in forests highlights the important work being done to carefully manage forests, with sustainability and productivity being the two main goals in mind. MRC is actively working to ensure an future of sustainable forest products by creating safe and healthy forests now that protect communities and forests from the risk of wildfire.


Humboldt and Mendocino Redwood Companies’ feature story in the water conservation pillar champions the restoration of Steelhead and Salmon habitat within company-owned timberlands. Company scientists recognized the importance of these waterways as habitat for fish species and worked to remove old stream crossings and restore natural channels. Thirty-eight of these stream crossings have been removed, opening over twenty-eight miles of stream and fish habitat.


The Home Depot recently announced new commitments and goals to do their part in building a more sustainable community and helping the environment. More about these efforts can be found here in the 2021 The Homen Depot ESG Report.