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Redwood Ridge and Valley: A DIY Mobile Bar!

When his father-in-law announced that he had an old cow trailer he was looking to get rid of, Tim Williams Jr. of Yuba River Molding had an idea: a DIY project that he could take on the road! “It’s just for fun” he told our Marketing Team. “In thought, if my wife and I can’t go to the bar during these times, why not simply bring the bar to us? And with us when we travel?” And that’s just what they did!

portable mobile barportable bar with redwood paneling

To transform the livestock trailer into a fun mobile bar, Tim applied red, black, and white automotive paint to the interior and exterior of the trailer, installed a sink and countertop, a ceiling vent, LED light strips, and Mendocino Redwood Ridge and Valley redwood fencing, which he used as paneling. To add the finishing touch, he added a fold-out, belly-up bartending station, complete with an awning for shade. For drinks and ice, Tim uses coolers. The trailer can run electricity, which can be used to play music, and utilize the LED lights.


“The redwood really warms everything up; the natural woodgrain looks beautiful against the red paint.” Says Tim. “This was such a fun project! We enjoy taking it out on the road and just parking it somewhere and taking in the views. We look forward to when things are a little more normal – we know our friends will enjoy it too.” Tim shares. “My wife absolutely loves it!”.  We love it too, Tim, it looks great!


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