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Redwood Projects

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Redwood-projects1With every passing day bringing us a little closer to spring, now is a great time to start thinking about redwood projects you would like build. The legendary beauty and excellent durability of redwood make it the ideal material for outdoor projects around your home or business.

Redwood decks

Redwood decks are a great starting point when you know you are ready to start redwood projects around your home. A great-looking, durable redwood deck can extend your family’s usable living space into the backyard and create a dedicated space for entertaining, playing, and other family-friendly activities.

Redwood fences

Many homeowners choose to start redwood projects by building redwood fences to help define property lines, protect children and pets, or block views and noise from nearby streets and other homes. Redwood’s natural resistance to insects and decay make it the classic choice for fencing projects in the West.

Redwood garden structures

Homeowners looking to complete redwood projects to give their home an added ‘wow factor’ are often interested in building redwood garden structures. Versatility and ease-of-use are well-known qualities of redwood and mean that garden structure designs from the simple to the elaborate can be accomplished using redwood lumber.

Redwood porches

Redwood projects may also include inviting redwood porches. The warm, natural hue of redwood perfectly complements the inviting nature of the traditional front porch. Homeowners preferring to match the color of their porch to that of their home will also find that redwood accepts pains and stains exceptionally well.

No matter which redwood projects you decide to build, Mendocino redwood is conveniently available at The Home Depot stores throughout California and the West. Please use our store locator to find The Home Depot store in your area where our redwood lumber products are sold.