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Create a Redwood Garden Sanctuary

Designing a redwood garden sanctuary for your backyard creates a beautiful escape and adds to your mission of sustainable living. Including redwood lattice in your garden sanctuary will expand on the lovely environment and produce a space meant for relaxation and creation. Redwood is a material that draws out the beauty of your outdoor space in general and it also adds to the mission of sustainable living. Redwood garden boxes are a natural material that reinforce healthy growth of plants, vegetables, and flowers.




Designing an outdoor redwood sanctuary with garden boxes and lattice is a space meant to create and enjoy nature’s elements. Adding to the theme of a natural environment, redwood garden boxes and lattice are a product of the outdoors. A redwood garden sanctuary is a space where you can escape, unwind, and bask in nature.






The choice of redwood for your garden sanctuary goes beyond its beautiful presence. Redwood is a natural building product that remains durable and strong when left to face the elements of weather and time. Its natural tannins protect it from decay along with destruction by termites.




In addition to the durable qualities and beautiful appearance, redwood is a sustainable material that matches the theme of environmentally friendly living. The product grows up in Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133) certified forestlands. Selecting redwood lattice and garden boxes for your garden sanctuary is an environmentally sound choice.






To jumpstart the construction of your redwood garden sanctuary, plan a trip to The Home Depot or The Home Depot’s website. Utilizing the Home Depot as your guide will help you select the right type of redwood for your sanctuary! Working with their knowledgeable staff can help you decide where and how to begin building. The Home Depot also has a variety of different redwood grades to choose from with the option to place a special order. Embark on your mission to live sustainably by choosing redwood for your garden sanctuary!