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Tree House Magic

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Tree-house-magicA tree house can change a child’s perspective, and it can spark the imagination and nourish a lifelong love of the natural world. Plus, in truth, many adults have never lost their love for the magic of a tree house. For purists, there may be nothing better than working with your son or daughter to build your own tree house from scratch. Whether you find tree house plans or design your own house in the sky, the experience will be one to remember.

At Mendocino Forest Products, trees are part of our business and we offer redwood lumber sourced from sustainable forests. In fact, since 2000, our forestlands have been certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Mendocino Redwood lumber products, including decking, fencing, landscaping, and dimensional lumber, are available certified to FSC standards.

In nature, it is hard to find a match to the majesty and grace of a redwood tree. In your backyard, Mendocino Redwood is the perfect choice for a tree house. Not only is redwood beautiful, its strength and natural resistance to insects and decay makes it ideal for outdoor structures exposed to the elements. Of course, before you start any project, be sure to get the necessary guidance to ensure that your structure is safe, sturdy, and follows local zoning restrictions.

For inspiration, you may want to look at some incredible tree house designs on the Internet. Popular Mechanics has featured 10 amazing tree houses that are sure to ignite your creativity. Your favorite contractor, architect, or landscape professional may also be a great resource for ideas and the necessary logistics to create a one-of-a-kind tree house.

When designing your family’s tree house, be sure to consider favorite activities in the design. For the pint-sized nature lover, you may want to include an observation deck or a place to store binoculars. For the climber, you might include ladders and ropes. The spy-in-training would probably appreciate a zip line or secret hiding place.

To get started, visit The Home Depot stores throughout California and the Western US and ask for Mendocino Redwood lumber. Our Store Locator will get you on your way to tree house magic in no time.