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Thomas Square Renovation Project Specifies Redwood

Historic Thomas Square Park on the Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, has received several improvements as part of a renovation project! In tandem with the Department of Design and Construction City and County of Honolulu, the Thomas Square Renovation project is moving forward with redwood timbers supplied by Mendocino Forest Products.

Renovations for the project include new wood trellises, park signs, courtyards, and a new floor plan for the restrooms. In addition to the redwood timbers, redwood Construction Heart has been used for all supporting loads and structural panels for the renovation. Because redwood is one of nature’s strongest building materials, using redwood means added safety and security for any building project.

The Thomas Square Park restroom renovation will display Mendocino Redwood timbers via trellis beams, a new roof, and skylights. Redwood is the perfect building material for this project due to its ability to stand up to the elements, and its natural resistance to insects and decay. Redwood has a natural warmth and beauty that adds a wow factor to any project, yet it blends into the landscape creating a peaceful and relaxing natural outdoor living environment.

Thomas Square Park renovation project