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Santa Cruz Sandbox: Bringing The Beach To Your Backyard

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Santa-Cruz-SandboxPresent-day landscape design focuses on high quality, natural materials to create beautiful outdoor spaces.  One such material is real redwood. Easy to work with, versatile, and durable, imagination might be the only limitation to the amazing structures one can build with redwood. In addition, Mendocino redwood is sourced from environmentally responsible forestlands that have been certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Combining beauty, function, and sustainability, Mendocino redwood is a great fit for your special backyard project.

Contemporary landscape design has been moving toward sustainability for many years. Increasingly, homeowners want to use materials that have some “green” or environmentally friendly properties. In addition to being sourced from environmentally responsible forestlands, redwood is renewable and recyclable at the end of its useful life. Furthermore, redwood forestlands are continually replanted to ensure long-term availability of quality lumber products.

And while the environment may be very important to many homeowners, they also want to have some fun in their backyard! The wonderfully crafted Santa Cruz Sandbox can help you do just that, by bringing the beach to your backyard.  This great sandbox design allows you to create a children’s paradise right in your own backyard. Grab the beach umbrella, pails and shovels, fill up the wading pool and, with this one-of-a-kind sandbox, you will quickly have your own miniature seaside resort. Be careful though, you just might have the entire neighborhood knocking on your door! When the day at the backyard shoreline is complete, this sandbox design includes built-in storage, making cleanup easy.

The Santa Cruz Sandbox is just one of an assortment of great outdoor design ideas you can build yourself with Mendocino redwood. With summer just around the corner, what are you waiting for? Mendocino redwood is available exclusively at The Home Depot. Get started today. Buy Redwood Lumber at Home Depot and have a day at the beach without ever leaving home.