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Redwood Refinishing Video: Learn How To Do-It-Yourself In No Time

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Tightening-screws-in-a-redwood-deckIf you’ve been enjoying the natural beauty and durability of your Mendocino Redwood deck, fence, or garden structure for a few seasons,  it may be time for some cleaning and sprucing up to help protect the quality of your investment. With proper maintenance, your Mendocino Redwood structure will be strong, durable, and naturally beautiful for many years. In fact, a well-maintained Mendocino Redwood deck will typically last for 25 or more years!

There are three basic steps to the refinishing process:

Cleaning away environmental debris such as leaves and dirt and repairing areas in need of attention such as tightening loose nails or screws and replacing worn out boards.
Restoring redwood’s natural beauty by removing stains and bringing back it’s naturally beautiful red color.
Refinishing the wood, including sealing and staining (using either a clear coat or tinted stain) the structure to protect it from the effects of weathering.

For tips on this important refinishing process as well as the best tools to use for the job, watch our free Redwood Refinishing Video.  This helpful video provides a step-by-step guide on how to reclaim the original warmth and beauty of your Mendocino Redwood deck, fence, or garden structure.

Once completed, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful backyard!