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Preparing your garden for fall

Autumn is officially here! It’s time to bring out the apron and gardening tools to begin preparing your garden for fall. Now is the perfect time to assess your garden’s short and long-term needs and prepare for the upcoming year ahead.

As the season continues to change, now is a window of opportunity to evaluate what worked for your garden, and what efforts need to be made for a successful upcoming season. When preparing your garden for fall, it is best to work from the ground up.

Check the soil: Soil can become depleted of nutrients over the course of a growing season. And, healthy plants require healthy soil! Use this time to review the health of your soil and see if it is lacking in nutrients. Redwood soil amendments such as Emerald Peat, bark and chips, and fertilizers can replenish soils by improving moisture retention, while also adding nutrients and oxygen.

Tidy up the garden beds: By clearing debris and decaying plant matter now, you will save yourself the hassle of doing it in the future. Use this time to also de-weed your garden beds. Catching weeds early means shallow roots, which are easier to remove and discourages them from returning later, when you are ready to plant in the spring. Interested in planter boxes for your garden? Check out our Petaluma Planters guide!!

Propagate: If you live in an area that experiences frost, it is a good idea to make time to take some cuttings. This is best done at the end of a growing season. Many plants can be easily propagated in water from their cuttings. Plant propagations are usually low maintenance and tend to require a changing of water 1-2 times per week. By the time planting season begins and the soil outside begins to warm, the propagated plants will be ready for planting.

Looking for a naturally beautiful and practical potting station for the upcoming season? Our redwood DIY Monterey Potting Center will keep your soil, tools, and pots organized without breaking the bank. Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay, making it an ideal choice to build the Monterey Potting Center.

Clean and organize tools: Clean tools are more effective tools! By keeping your gardening tools clean and dirt-free, the edges will remain sharper, and can prevent rust from forming. Cleaning your tools will also prevent cross-contamination from diseased soils. Keeping your tools dry and organized will prevent clutter and stored safely until the next use.

Want to keep your landscaping manicured throughout the fall and winter season? Consider using redwood bark and chips! Redwood bark and chips provide effective water retention within the soil, for reduced evaporation, and they act as a natural weed barrier. Redwood bark and chips will provide natural warmth and beauty to your landscaping and can be used year-round. To learn more about the benefits of redwood bark and chips, visit our page linked above.

Happy gardening!