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New Redwood Deck Complements Outdoor Entertaining

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Kritikos-Deck-inline-image-350x350Homeowners Nick and Amy Kritikos love entertaining family and friends at their home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their two young sons and Rhodesian Ridgeback also love the outdoors and require a safe place to play. This made the failure of their 10 year-old plastic composite deck all the more concerning. As the deck began to flake and become increasingly structurally unstable, the family had to cut back on entertaining and time spent outside.

With that in mind, when it came time to take out the old deck and replace it, for Nick and Amy the choice was obvious – Redwood. Featuring shear strength 5x greater than alternative decking materials, as well as structural integrity, their new redwood deck offers a beautiful, safe environment for entertaining and family enjoyment.

If you’re interested in building a deck of your own, visit The Home Depot website to purchase the materials you’ll need to get started.