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Mendocino Forest Products Donates Redwood To Forget Me Not Farm

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Mendocino Forest Products recently donated materials to a wonderful local program known as Forget Me Not Farm. Since its inception in 1992, Forget Me Not Farm, part of the Sonoma Humane Society, has helped thousands of at-risk children by helping them develop important social skills and making sure they feel valued. Many of their programs include interaction with farm animals and farmlands, which fosters independence and a sense of accomplishment for the children that are involved. With a variety of programs that include therapeutic farming, youth mentoring, humane education, and community outreach, Forget Me Not Farm is a program that Mendocino Forest Products is proud to support.

Mendocino Forest Products donated beautiful Redwood Chips as a way to enrich the landscaping on the farm. Redwood Chips are all natural with no added color, chemicals, or preservatives, and are safe for the animals and children on the farm. Due to its effective water retention capabilities, Redwood Chips are a beautiful alternative to water intensive landscapes while providing a weed protective barrier. The result of using Redwood Chips for landscaping is a beautiful and welcoming environment that will last for years to come.

For those interested in donating and learning more about Forget Me Not Farm, you may do so here.