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Mendocino Redwood landscaping products offer many options for backyard gardening and other projects. Whether you want to support delicate plants, build flower beds, or create a structure for climbing vines to grow, redwood landscaping products fit the bill. Durable, yet extremely workable, no special tools are necessary to work with redwood landscaping and garden products.

Redwood shrinks and swells less than some other building materials and is less likely to warp, split, check, or cup. This means the beautiful flower bed you build today will remain beautiful for years to come. Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. As such, landscaping applications near the ground, such as flower beds, may be best served by using heartwood grades. Other applications, such as lattice for climbing vines, should be well served by redwood sapwood grades.


Redwood benderboard and stakes are often used for outdoor landscaping applications, such as to frame out flower beds or hold up delicate plants. Mendocino Redwood benderboard and stakes are manufactured for durability and function and are offered in a few options for variety and ease of use.

Benderboard: A long, thin, bendable piece of rough redwood that makes an excellent border for lawns, sidewalks, gardens and more. Redwood benderboard is available in 8 foot, 12 foot, and 14 foot lengths

Stakes: Economical solution for supporting young trees, tomato plants, other vegetables, and more. Redwood stakes can be easily incorporated into a variety of outdoor landscaping and gardening projects. Mendocino Redwood garden stakes are available in a few lengths: 12”, 18” and 96”.


Redwood lattice and lath have long been a fixture of elegant landscaping projects. Redwood lattice may be used as an alternative to a fence and can provide an attractive border around backyards, flower beds, and vegetable gardens to name a few. Redwood lattice may also be used in the assembly of trellises, arbors, and other garden structures.

Mendocino Redwood lattice and lath are available in a variety of options. Lattice is available pre-assembled. Lath and component parts may be used to assemble or repair your own, customized lattice panels.

Lattice: Pre-assembled redwood lattice is available in several configurations, including both framed and unframed styles, with diamond and square shaped openings available.

Lath and Lattice Components: Redwood lath for lattice panel repairs is available in bundles; product dimension is 5/16″, 8 foot lengths. Redwood lattice caps for framing lattice panels are available in 8 foot lengths, with either ½ inch or 1 inch grooves.

Available at The Home Depot

The full Mendocino Redwood landscaping and garden product line is available at The Home Depot stores throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Please note, product availability varies by store. Non-stocking grades, dimensions, and lengths may be available via special order. Please inquire at the Pro Contractor Desk for information and product availability. You may also buy online (select states only) at