Two of the members of the Mendocino Redwood marketing team went a step further than simply sharing the Home Depot’s instructions on How to Make a DIY Wooden Bird Feeder on social media, they decided to actually build one out of redwood!

As they are both creative, but construction novices, Amber and Kira strayed slightly from The Home Depot’s original DIY steps, which you can find here:


Here's how they created a cute and rustic bird feeder out of redwood:

They headed to The Home Depot for supplies, including a 1” x 8” 6-foot redwood board, screws, eye-hooks, wood glue, sand paper, and twine. They had the tools they needed, which consisted of a saw and power drill.

buying redwood at The Home Depot

First, they cut the redwood into pieces, ending up with two 10 x 2-inch pieces for the long edge and two 7.5 x 2-inch pieces for the shorter sides, and an 11.5 x 7.5-inch base.  

redwood cut and arranged to make a bird feeder

The next step was to sand the surface of the redwood pieces.

hands sanding the redwood pieces

Next up: glue. They glued the side pieces to the base, forming a box.

gluing the sides of the redwood to make a box

Then it was Amber and Kira’s favorite part – power drilling! They drilled screws into the sides and bottom of the box, as well as four screw eyes on the top edges for the twine to hang.

using a drill to secure base of the redwood box

Then they looped a long piece of twine through the four screw eyes and knotted it together. The final touch was an S-hook to hook the feeder to a tree limb.

twine is knotted through screw eyes and hung with an S-hook

They filled it with birdseed and hung it for the birds to enjoy!

hanging the redwood bird feeder in a tree

Here is what Amber and Kira’s redwood feeder looks like compared to The Home Depot’s DIY guide. Theirs is a little more “rustic” but they are proud none the less!

finished bird feeder side-by-side with The Home Depot'sredwood bird feeder hanging from a tree