Redwood Heartwood Grades

The most common redwood heartwood grades are Clear All Heart, Heart B, Deck Heart, Construction Heart, and Merchantable Heart. Additional information about these distinctive grades is provided below.

Redwood heartwood – architectural grades

Redwood heartwood architectural grades are an excellent choice in applications where beauty, durability, and dimensional stability cannot be compromised. These grades should be used in applications where attractiveness and tight joinery are desired and may be used on or near the soil.

Clear All Heart

Finest architectural heartwood grade, normally Certified Kiln Dried (also available unseasoned), well manufactured, and free of defects on one face (reverse face may have slight imperfections). Available surfaced or saw-textured. Uses of Clear All Heart Redwood include siding, paneling, trim, cabinetry, molding, fascia, soffits, millwork. Also fine decks, fences, hot tubs, furniture, garden structures, industrial storage and processing tanks.

Heart B

Quality heartwood grade containing limited knots and other characteristics not permitted in Clear All Heart and Heart Clear. Available kiln dried or unseasoned. This grade can be surfaced or saw-textured. Uses of Heart B Redwood include siding, paneling, trim, fascia, molding and other architectural uses. Quality decking, fencing, garden structures and other outdoor applications on or near the soil.

Redwood heartwood – garden grades

Redwood heartwood garden grades may be used on or near the soil in construction projects where knots or other characteristics are not important.

Deck Heart/Construction Heart

A heartwood grade containing knots of varying sizes and other slight imperfections; available seasoned or unseasoned. This highly useful grade can be ordered surfaced or rough. Deck Heart has a similar appearance and uses as Construction Heart but is also graded for strength. Deck Heart is available in 2×4 and 2×6 only. Uses of Deck Heart/Construction Heart Redwood include decks, fences, posts, retaining walls, garden structures, stairs or other outdoor applications on or near soil.

Merchantable Heart

This economical heartwood grade allows for slightly larger knots than construction grades; holes limited to size of knots. Allows checks, some splits and some manufacturing flaws. Available unseasoned, surfaced or rough. Uses of Merchantable Heart Redwood include fences, retaining walls, garden structures – especially on or near soil.


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