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What is the perfect wood for landscaping projects? Redwood of course! Mendocino redwood landscaping products offer many options for backyard gardening and other projects.

Whether you want to support delicate plants, build flower beds, or create a structure for climbing vines to grow upon, redwood landscaping products fit the bill. Redwood landscaping products are durable, yet extremely workable. No special tools are necessary to work with redwood landscaping products.

Redwood shrinks and swells less than some other building materials and is less likely to warp, split, check or cup. This means the beautiful flower bed you build today will remain beautiful for years to come.

Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay. As such, landscaping applications near the ground, such as flower beds, may be best served by using heartwood grades. Other applications, such as lattice for climbing vines, should be well served by redwood sapwood grades.

You can rest assured that redwood landscaping products from Mendocino are manufactured from environmentally responsible redwood logs. Most of the logs used to manufacture Mendocino redwood fencing products are sourced from Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC). MRC has been certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) for over ten years, demonstrating the company’s commitment to responsible forest management and environmental stewardship. For additional information, please visit our FSC Certification page. You may also visit the FSC international website for additional information about the organization’s mission and vision.

The redwood landscaping product line from Mendocino is available exclusively at The Home Depot stores throughout California and several other Western states. Our Buy at Home Depot page will help you find the store in your area that sells real redwood landscaping products from Mendocino. You may also buy online at The Home Depot website.