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Redwood fence boards have been used for decades throughout the West and beyond to build long-lasting, durable fences. Besides their well-known durability, Mendocino redwood fence boards are a good-looking alternative to chain link, block or composite fencing.

Mendocino fence boards, made of real redwood, are offered in a variety of styles and dimensions. The following styles of Mendocino fence boards are available:

Dog Ear: The corners at the top of each board are trimmed at a 45 degree angle.

Square Top: A regular rectangular board with a flat top.

Ridge & Valley: Each board has one side with a ridge and one side with a valley, enabling boards to slot together with no visible gap.

Mendocino fence boards, made of real redwood, are available in two grades:

Con Heart: All heartwood grade containing some knots of varying sizes and other slight imperfections.

Con Common: Similar characteristics as Con Heart, but contains mix of heartwood and sapwood.

The full Mendocino lumber product line, including redwood fence boards, is available exclusively at The Home Depot stores across California and several other Western states. Please visit our Buy at Home Depot page to find a store in your area that sells Mendocino fence boards. Please note, availability of redwood fence boards varies by store. Non-stocking grades, styles, dimensions, and lengths may be available via special order. Please inquire at the Pro Contractor Desk of your local The Home Depot store for information and product availability. You may also purchase online at The Home Depot website.


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