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The benefits of natural wood products over alternative, often artificial materials are well known. Harmful greenhouse gas emissions are believed by scientists to cause global warming and contribute to other changes in the earth’s atmosphere. Trees act as natural reducers of harmful greenhouse gases as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Even after trees are harvested to produce natural wood products, carbon is stored in the fibers of the wood. Artificial materials actually increase carbon emissions through their manufacturing process.

Mendocino Forest Products makes it easy to choose natural wood for your special home outdoor projects! MFP manufactures and distributes the top-quality Mendocino® brand of wood products, namely redwood and Douglas-fir.

Our wood products include the finest redwood dimension available today. Our redwood product line features all the materials needed to build your perfect deck, fence or other outdoor living project.

Our wood products also include top-quality Douglas-fir. Our Douglas-fir line includes the dimension and quality needed for everything from high-end applications to everyday framing and construction jobs.

The Mendocino brand of wood products is conveniently available at The Home Depot. Mendocino wood products are available at The Home Depot stores across California and the Western U.S. Our Buy at Home Depot page can help you find a store in your area where you may find our wood products. You may also purchase directly online by visiting The Home Depot website.


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