Secrets of Working With Redwood

The secrets of working with redwood aren’t mysterious at all! Let’s begin to unravel the secrets of working with redwood one at a time.

Secret of working with redwood #1: Redwood is one of the most pliable, easy to work with softwood species on the market anywhere. Redwood is lightweight, yet surprisingly strong and durable. Simple woodworking tools such as a saw, drill, hammer, and screws or nails will go a long way to building the redwood deck or fence of your dreams.

Secret of working with redwood #2: When building your perfect redwood project, a variety of fasteners can be used. However, it is highly recommended to use non-corrosive fasteners. Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners are the best choice, but stainless steel or aluminum fasteners may be used as well. It is not recommended to use electro-plated galvanized fasteners, as it is possible they may cause stains when they come in contact with the wood.

Secret of working with redwood #3: After your dream redwood project is built, you may choose to paint or stain the wood. Redwood takes paints and stains extremely well, or can be left to weather naturally.

Secret of working with redwood #4: Your redwood deck or fence may be power washed to remove excess dirt and grime. It is recommended to carefully read the instructions on the power washer and to use an appropriate setting for wood. Too high a setting may damage the surface fiber of the wood. If you are unsure of the proper method of power washing, you may want to hire a professional contractor.

Secret of working with redwood #5: To bring back the original color of your redwood deck or fence, you may apply a commercially available cleaning solution. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Additional tips are available in our easy maintenance section.


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