Redwood FAQs

Please review our Redwood FAQs for answers to some common questions.

Have all the redwood trees been cut down?

No! The state of California contains more than 1.7 million acres of redwood forests. About 400,000 of these acres are contained in public areas, including parks and reserves. Most of the state’s old-growth redwood trees are permanently preserved.

Is Redwood still available in the marketplace?

Redwood is definitely available in the marketplace! Mendocino Forest Products (MFP) distributes exclusively to The Home Depot stores in several states across the Western U.S. Please visit our Buy at Home Depot page to find a location near you, or purchase online at The Home Depot website. If you do not have a Home Depot in your area, you may find redwood available from Humboldt Redwood.

Why is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified redwood preferred?

FSC provides internationally recognized standard-setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services to companies, organizations, and communities interested in exemplary forestry. When you look for and purchase Mendocino redwood products bearing the FSC logo, you can be assured that your purchase is going toward supporting responsible forest management practices. For additional information regarding the FSC, please visit our FSC Certification page. You may also want to visit FSC’s international website.

Why should I use redwood for my outdoor living project?

There are many reasons to choose redwood! Redwood is uniquely beautiful, making for an elegant deck, fence, or garden structure. Other materials cannot match the beauty of redwood. Redwood is also 100% natural and comes from renewable resources. Mendocino redwood trees are continually planted and harvested in a responsible manner, so there will always be redwood for projects now and in the future. For other compelling reasons to choose redwood, please visit our Redwood vs. Other Materials page.

Is Redwood fire-safe?

Yes, redwood meets California’s most recent and strict fire codes. Redwood has been thoroughly tested and found to be safe. Redwood has earned Class B compliance and is safe to use in California’s Wildland-Urban Interface areas. You may download an informative brochure regarding redwood’s fire performance here.

Secrets of working with redwood

We have devoted an entire page, Secrets of Working with Redwood, to tips and tricks to help you with your redwood projects.


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