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As the trusted voice of the redwood lumber industry, the California Redwood Association (CRA) and its related entity, the Redwood Inspection Service (RIS), are non-profit organizations that provide education and informative resources to consumers, contractors, builders, and architects. In addition, the RIS is the exclusive, rules-writing agency for redwood lumber and sets important grading specifications to ensure consistency and quality in redwood lumber products.

Starting in 2013, an exceptional, three-year marketing collaboration was created among stakeholders invested in the redwood region of Northern California, including Humboldt Redwood, the California Redwood Company, the Humboldt County Economic Development Division, and the California Redwood Association. Key to the collaboration is a grant from the Humboldt County Headwaters Fund to fund a state-wide TV campaign and associated market research; the grant is being matched by Mendocino Redwood (and related entities) and the California Redwood Company. The CRA is also providing funding and other marketing support.

TV Campaign

The TV campaign compares and contrasts real redwood vs. the look and performance of plastic composite decking. Redwood is positioned as the beautiful, natural choice for homeowners.

Two, 30-second commercials originally aired on CBS and Comcast Spotlight throughout California during the spring and summer of 2013. Two, additional commercials will be added to the rotation for the spring and summer 2014 decking season. The 2014 media buy will also include markets in Colorado, where redwood has long been valued for its strength and durability.

Watch these commercials now and see why Real. Strong. Redwood. is the only choice for naturally beautiful backyards.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The California Redwood Association commissioned a life cycle assessment (LCA) study to better understand and compare redwood vs. competitive decking products, namely the plastic composite products widely available on the market. The independent, non-profit research consortium known as the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM), conducted the study. The study findings are outlined in the Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Redwood Decking paper.

Results of the LCA are conclusive, showing that considerable differences exist between redwood and alternative decking products such as plastics and plastic composites. In terms of global warming potential, plastic-based decking materials are contributors, while growing, harvesting and using redwood for decks does not contribute to global warming.

We encourage you to learn more about downloading the CRA Life Cycle Assessment brochure.


The California Redwood Association attends several homeowner and contractor/builder focused events throughout the year, including the annual Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, California. Other events include DeckExpo and JLC Live. Bringing redwood to the places and events where homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects are actively searching for building materials has helped raise awareness about the many positive attributes of real, strong, redwood.


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