Lawn Furniture Ideas

When planning for a new landscaping project, it is helpful to consider lawn furniture ideas as part of your larger project. Exciting lawn furniture ideas are easy to find in books, magazines and websites. The trick is to plan well and buy the best materials. Taking the proper steps early will ensure that you get the most satisfaction out of your lawn furniture and your overall project.

One lawn furniture idea to compliment a small garden is to build a combination arbor or trellis with built in benches made with Mendocino redwood. If you have a small space, maximizing your lawn furniture to incorporate additional decorative elements, is a great idea.

Another lawn furniture idea for a large deck or patio is to build overhead lattice work for shading part of the deck or patio surface. Adding a shady area will maximize usage of your space on hot or sunny days.

For additional lawn furniture ideas, download these project plans:

Whatever lawn furniture ideas you come up with, consider the way you use your lawn before settling on a final design. If your family or friends are extremely social, you may want to consider lawn furniture that seats more people. You will also want to consider portability of the furniture if you plan to utilize different areas of your lawn or backyard.

Considering the best material to use is also part of your decision making process. You will want to choose something that combines quality, beauty, and ease of use. After all, you will want lawn furniture that will last, will look good on your deck or lawn, and will not be difficult to work with.

Many people have found Mendocino redwood to be an ideal building material for lawn furniture. Mendocino redwood possesses many excellent characteristics, which include natural beauty, resistance to insects and decay, and an excellent strength to weight ratio. Visit our Buy at Home Depot page or shop online at The Home Depot website.


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