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With the right amount of planning, preparation, and just a little elbow grease, you can build lawn furniture without much trouble. It is a good idea to build lawn furniture to withstand the elements and provide your family with years of service. The ideal material for such an endeavor is Mendocino redwood. If you are looking to unleash your inner carpenter for the first time, a project to build redwood lawn furniture is a great place to start.

Making this a do-it-yourself project is a great way to go about making your landscaping ideas a reality for a few reasons. First, you can have complete creative control over what you’re going to make.  You’re not simply stuck with what you can buy at the local store, which can be a liberating feeling.  You can also stretch your budget much farther when building your own furniture as opposed to simply buying finished pieces. Best of all, when you do build lawn furniture, you can’t help but get that rewarding feeling that you’ve accomplished something, something that you’ll get to enjoy for many years.

Redwood lawn furniture is something you’ll get to enjoy for many years to come, especially if you use high-quality Mendocino redwood, which possesses several characteristics that make it an ideal choice to use when you’re interested in building lawn furniture. In fact, its special characteristics make it an excellent choice for decking, fencing, and other landscaping applications as well. Redwood is sturdy, tough, and withstands the elements exceptionally well.  And yet, despite its reputation as a long-lasting wood, it’s surprisingly easy to work with, and can be sawed, drilled, painted or stained with relatively little effort.  It is also resistant to warping and retains its naturally warm hue for a long time.

If you’re interested in purchasing Mendocino redwood lumber for your lawn furniture project, visit our Buy at Home Depot page to find a location near you, or purchase online at The Home Depot website.


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