Landscape Ideas

Many contemporary landscape ideas put quality, natural materials front and center. Natural materials, such as real redwood are easy to incorporate into one-of-a-kind landscape designs. Mendocino redwood is sourced from environmentally responsible forestlands that have been certified responsible. As you gather landscape ideas for your home, consider using Mendocino redwood for your special project.

Modern landscape ideas have been moving towards sustainability for several years. Landscape designers are choosing to work with low-water and native plants, as well as natural materials, like redwood. Landscape designers also value materials sourced from renewable resources. Redwood grows naturally and is continually replanted to ensure it is always available. Petroleum-based materials cannot promise the same in terms of renewability.

If you have limited outdoor space, one landscape idea is to combine a flower bed with a vegetable garden into one raised bed, surrounded by redwood landscaping materials. Vegetables such as tomatoes, corn and beans can be grown in a relatively small space. Around the perimeter of the raised bed, you can incorporate colorful flowers. In a few months time you will not only have healthy vegetables for family meals, but also homegrown flowers for a vase on the dining room table.

Another landscape idea is to add redwood lattice panels to a fence or shed wall and plant climbing vines to grow upon the lattice. In no time you will have a colorful and decorative landscape that will add charm to an otherwise plain structure.

One more landscape idea is to use redwood benderboard to create a custom border for your lawn, sidewalk or garden area. Benderboard is a long, thin, pliable piece of redwood that can be used in many landscape applications.

For additional landscape ideas, please download the following, helpful brochures:

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