Landscape Comparison

An easy way to add curb appeal to any home is with beautiful outdoor landscaping elements. Before getting started, it is recommended to undertake a landscape comparison to determine the best materials for the job. There are several considerations to take into account before getting started.

As a first step in your landscape comparison, consider how much you would like to spend updating your yard. Quality landscaping materials are available in a range of budget levels. Whatever you are comfortable with budget-wise, you should be able to find great materials to work with.

As a second step in your landscape comparison, determine what kinds of landscaping elements you would like to incorporate. Are you thinking about adding flower beds to your front yard? Considering adding a vegetable garden to your back yard? Whatever you decide to do, there are a number of materials that will make the job come to life.

Finally, as you conclude your landscape comparison, decide if you would like to try to do the job yourself, or hire a contractor. If you want to do it yourself, you will need to choose a material that you are familiar with or that is not difficult to work with. Specialty or materials that are especially heavy or unwieldy may be best handled by a contractor or professional.

The one material that fits the bill, taking budget, project scope and workability into account, is real redwood. Redwood is an affordable material that offers a combination of versatility and workability that is hard to find in competing materials. Conduct your own landscape comparison and review redwood vs. other materials.

Mendocino redwood, from Mendocino Forest Products, is an excellent material for your landscape projects. And, it’s easy to find! Mendocino redwood is exclusively available at The Home Depot stores throughout California and the Western U.S. Use our store finder to find the location nearest you.


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