Interior Ideas

Generating interior ideas is an exciting part of any remodeling or renovation project. Figuring out how to improve your home’s function, value, or beauty can be challenging, but immensely rewarding in the end. And, if you use a lightweight, yet strong and durable material like Mendocino redwood, the process might be easier than you think.

There are as many interior ideas as there are interiors, so here are a few things to consider as you start to think about your space and the material that will best meet your needs. First, you will want to consider what improvements you are trying to make. Do you want to add texture to an accent wall? Would you like to add decorative shelves to a bathroom or children’s room? Determining your goals in advance will go a long way to helping you choose the appropriate material to work with.

As a second step in putting together your interior ideas, decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire an architect or contractor. Sometimes, the choice of material will determine whether you are able to do it yourself or not. Granite, stone, glass and other delicate or heavy materials may be best handled by a professional trained to work with those types of materials.

Finally, consider the look and feel of the rest of your home. Are you trying to match existing materials or add new details to an existing space? Generally, maintaining a level of cohesiveness is desirable, and some materials are better than others when it comes to blending in with an existing environment.

For additional interior ideas featuring redwood, please download this helpful brochure:

When it comes to interior ideas, one material really stands out – real, natural redwood. While known for its superb characteristics and performance in outdoor applications, redwood also performs beautifully indoors. The texture, rich color and unique appearance of redwood make it ideal for decorative indoor uses. Redwood is also easy to use, even for a non-expert. Redwood can also be painted or stained to match existing interiors.


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