Interior Comparison

If you are thinking about adding decorative wood elements to your home, start with an interior comparison among different materials to determine whether they will work for your needs. Decorative interior projects may include wood paneling, kitchen cabinetry and shelves.

Woods of many types are a perennial favorite in fine interior design, and can be used to create contemporary or traditional styles. Amongst hardwood species, oak and maple are often used. Among softwood species, Douglas-fir, cedar and redwood are fine choices. As a first step, you will want to determine whether you are interested in hardwood or a softwood species. There are benefits to using both, so you may want to contact an architect or contractor for advice before making your choice.

After you have chosen the category of wood species (hardwood vs. softwood) you would like to use, it is now time to choose the actual wood species you want to work with. As you make your comparison, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Availability – how readily available are the different materials you are interested in?
  • Finishing – how well do the different materials accept finishes?
  • Ease of use – how easy are the different materials to work with?
  • Durability – how durable are the different materials?

Consider Mendocino redwood when making an interior comparison among wood species for decorative interior design elements. You may be familiar with Mendocino redwood as an outdoor building material, but it also measures up impressively in an interior comparison for various home improvement projects. Many of redwood’s natural characteristics — durability, ease of use, versatility, and beauty — apply equally well to interior projects as well as exterior ones, such as decking and fencing.

If you’re interested in purchasing Mendocino Redwood lumber for your interior design project, visit our Buy at Home Depot page to find a location near you, or purchase online at The Home Depot website.


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