Redwood Interiors

Redwood interiors provide an atmosphere of warmth and luxury unmatched by other materials. Redwood interiors can be an elegant and beautiful feature in homes, restaurants, and other businesses. Options for redwood interiors include ceiling and wall paneling, moulding, and cabinetry.

Interior designers have a number of reasons for choosing to work with redwood. The excellent workability of redwood makes it the ideal material for detailed interior patterns. Redwood is versatile and strong, yet extremely easy to work with.

Redwood interiors also offer natural fire resistance. Since redwood contains little or no volatile resin, it is relatively hard to ignite. Redwood also burns slowly once ignited and forms a protective char layer over the wood beneath. Redwood has been thoroughly tested and has found to be safe and compliant with California’s most recent and strict fire codes.

Redwood interiors also feature a high degree of insulation. Redwood’s low density is one of the leaders among all woods. In addition, the sound insulation properties of redwood are frequently utilized in performance halls, public spaces, and transit stations.

There are numerous finishing options for redwood interiors. Soft finishes, such as waxes, oils and lacquers, may all be used where minimal moisture resistance is required and surface water is not a consideration. In areas subject to moisture and frequent cleaning, such as kitchens or baths, alkyd resin or polyurethane finishes are more commonly recommended. Redwood holds finishes extremely well, so redwood interiors constructed today will retain their beautiful finish for years to come.

Mendocino redwood dimensional lumber may be used to build redwood interiors. Mendocino redwood dimensional lumber products are available exclusively at The Home Depot stores throughout California and the Western U.S. To find out whether a store in your area sells the Mendocino brand of redwood dimensional lumber products, please visit our Buy at Home Depot page. You may also buy Mendocino redwood lumber online at


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