Redwood Planters

Redwood planters are a simple way to enhance your outdoor living space, and are a perfect match to a gorgeous redwood deck or patio. In addition, the legendary durability of redwood lumber is the reason redwood planters are so popular. If you are looking to build a new redwood planter for your home, look for Mendocino redwood to complete the job.

The beauty of redwood is that it is so versatile. This versatility means there are lots of planter variations that can be easily built with redwood. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Redwood planter with wheels. If you are planning to plant ornamental trees or large flowering plants, you may want to build a redwood planter with wheels or casters attached to the bottom. This will make it easier to move your plant during winter months or periods of heavy rain.

Multi-sided redwood planter. A creative option for a redwood planter is build one with multiple sides, like an eight-sided octagon. The workability of redwood means you can make even the most complex designs come to life. For a plan for a four-sided planter, you may download the Petaluma Planter design.

Combination redwood planter and bench. A great option for a redwood planter is to build a bench and two redwood planters on either end. When placed in a shaded corner of your backyard, it makes for a cozy retreat.

Whether you start with these ideas or come up with your own, Mendocino redwood is an excellent choice for your redwood planter. Mendocino redwood is known for its quality, as well as environmental credentials. Visit our Buy at Home Depot page to find a store location near you. You may also buy online directly from The Home Depot website.


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