Build Garden Structures

Get underway with a fun project and build garden structures for an outdoor living space that are attractive, cozy and personalized to your tastes. These building projects are straightforward and ultimately rewarding, with results that will last for many years.

Choose high-quality Mendocino redwood that is naturally resistant to insects and decay. This beautiful material is well-known for its environmental benefits, as it is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. For generations, redwood has been a favorite building material, particularly for outdoor structures and beautiful landscape design elements.

Build garden structures like an arbor for use in tandem with your redwood deck. One idea is to build a flat-topped arbor to effectively shade the deck. For this, you will need four 4x4s for the vertical end posts, four 2x4s to attach them, nine 2x6s for the crossbeams and two 1x1s that will be cut into 18 pieces as mounting brackets for the crossbeams.

The lengths of these redwood boards will vary based on dimensions of your deck or garden that the arbor will cover. Take careful measurements before you build garden structures, then lay out the parameters and plant your end posts. Drill appropriate nail holes in the remaining boards before continuing to build garden structures like your charming arbor.

Or, build garden structures like a trellis that has many uses, from elegantly fencing off your garden to providing interest when mounted on a blank wall. Don’t feel like waiting for vining plants like ivy to grow around your trellis? Try winding a five-gallon morning glory container plant through the trellis for instant gratification. Mendocino provides complete redwood lattice panels for trellises in your choice of framed or unframed styles, in addition to other components you may need to build or repair your lattice.

To purchase Mendocino Redwood lumber for your garden structure project, visit the Home Depot website, or find a location near you by visiting our Buy at Home Depot page.


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