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Should you decide to build a fence out of redwood, you’ll be embarking on a satisfying project that, if properly planned, will run smoothly. To begin, check local ordinances to determine if a permit is necessary to build a fence in your area. Also seek permission from your neighborhood homeowners’ association, as there may be strict guidelines in place for the style and height of your redwood fence. Next, contact your utility company to come out and mark underground pipes and cables, as you will want to avoid disrupting them while you build your redwood fence. Be sure that your redwood fence will lie within your property line and not extend to your neighbor’s yard before you build.

Once you have established the parameters, lay out the site by first planting your end and corner posts, then tying string tautly between them the entire way around. Be sure to measure each individual board or pre-assembled panel when you build a fence, before planting additional posts to avoid awkward gaps between boards. Space posts six to eight feet apart and dig holes deep enough so that a third of each post sits underground. Then, set the posts with freshly mixed cement and let them sit for 24 hours before you continue to build your redwood fence.

The next step to build your redwood fence is to attach the top and bottom fence rails to the posts, which should be spaced four feet apart. Then you are ready to affix the individual fence boards or pre-assembled panels, maintaining a quarter-inch gap between pickets for most styles. For additional design and fence installation advice and instructions, download our Redwood Fences for All Reasons brochure.

After all this work is done, you’ll be able to relax in your outdoor living space and enjoy the beautiful new redwood fence you have created with Mendocino redwood.  Best of all, since redwood is a remarkably durable fence-building material, you can reap the benefits of your labor for years to come.


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