Maintain a Deck

It may be easier than you think to maintain a deck, particularly a Mendocino Redwood deck! Redwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay, making decks made from redwood naturally durable.

A redwood deck may be left to weather naturally or it can be treated with a sealant or stain to help protect it from the elements. Using a sealant or stain with a UV inhibitor (used to help prevent  premature fading) will help protect your deck’s natural, rich color from bleaching out in the sun. An oil based sealant will act as a top coat on the wood, providing protection from the weather and rain. Using a combination of both stain and sealant will provide the benefits of both: UV protection from the stain to reduce fading, and weather protection from the oil based sealant.

“…the beautiful, original color of a redwood deck may be restored at any time.”

Day-to-Day Deck Care

In order to maintain a deck day-to-day, the process is as easy as sweeping and rinsing off your deck. Sweeping your deck removes dirt and debris from the surface. Clearing dirt and debris from in between the deck boards on a regular basis will assist in preventing uneven discoloration due to decomposing leaves or direct sunlight. Periodically rinsing the deck off will go a long way towards further maintaining a clean surface, keeping your deck beautiful for years to come.

Another tip to help you maintain a deck:  for a more thorough cleaning, the beautiful, original color of a redwood deck may be restored at any time. You can simply apply a commercially available cleaning solution. Always remember to carefully read the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions before first use. You may also want to consider testing a small, hidden section before cleaning the entire deck.

Some work is required to maintain a deck, regardless of the decking material chosen. Redwood decks are naturally durable and if properly maintained, with a minimum of effort, your redwood deck can last and stay beautiful for many years. For more tips on maintaining a deck, please visit our Easy Maintenance section.


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