Deck Ideas

Executing well-designed redwood deck ideas can enhance your outdoor living area both visually and functionally. There are loads of fantastic redwood deck ideas for structure and design to choose from, so it helps to whittle down the variety of options you are considering. You will want to first take into account logistical factors, such as how the deck will fit physically and functionally into your space, before settling on the deck idea you want to build upon.

For example, start with a vision of how you and your family intend to use the redwood deck. Will the deck be used for entertaining friends, or will it be a family area for children to play? Keep these thoughts in mind to guide your deck ideas and vision for the project.

It is popular to think of the redwood deck as a transitional area between house and yard, but another idea is to allow the deck to serve as an adjoined, partial indoor-outdoor room in your home. A common early- and mid-century feature of homes were large, often wrap-around screened-in porches. A screen enclosure is still great today for enjoying the favorable aspects of deck living, like exposure to outdoor sights and sounds, while shutting out less desirable aspects such as insects.

Looking for other great deck ideas?  Check out our Inspiration Gallery to gather ideas and inspiration. You can also download these helpful project plans:

With its multiple applications and natural resistance to damage from insects and decay, as well as excellent properties of environmental stewardship, Mendocino redwood is the clear choice for a beautiful and long-lasting redwood deck. Regardless of the deck idea you ultimately choose, Mendocino redwood is available in the grade, length and dimension to make your ideas come to life. Please visit the wood products section of our site for additional product information and availability.


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