Deck Comparison

Before building your redwood deck, it might be a good idea to conduct a deck comparison of different designs you may want to consider. Whatever you eventually choose, the workability of Mendocino redwood ensures it will be an excellent selection for your special place.

One great solution, particularly if your site is not very level, is a raised deck. A raised deck can float as low as a foot above the ground to reach your back door, or can be raised high enough to even reach upper levels of your home. In this deck comparison case, it must boast a sturdy structural foundation plus a staircase and railing solution to make it work best. A raised redwood deck can be a very elegant and impressive extension to your home, providing complementary texture and shape.

If your site is virtually level or only slightly sloped, an on-grade deck that is either freestanding or attached to the house is relatively easy to design and build. When making this deck comparison, know that on-grade decks are generally elevated just slightly above the ground’s surface to allow for proper drainage and air circulation beneath the structure. This structural element increases the longevity of the deck, allowing it to better withstand the elements.

The customizable options for shape and size to consider in a deck comparison are almost infinite. On-grade decks, for example, will not require railings or steps the way a raised deck does, and work well with one-story homes, so if your redwood deck vision is for simplicity and minimalism, an on-grade deck may be the perfect option as you make your deck comparison.

With its natural resistance to damage from water, insects and decay, Mendocino redwood is the clear choice for a beautiful and long-lasting redwood deck, regardless of which type you decide on when making your deck comparison. You can build confidently knowing that environmental stewardship is a priority in the manufacturing of our redwood.

To purchase Mendocino Redwood lumber, visit the Home Depot website, or find a location near you by visiting our Buy at Home Depot page.


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