Getting Creative: Outdoor Garden Structures


A few weeks ago, we discussed thinking outside the box with redwood planters, where a little creativity can turn a backyard planter into more than just a planter. At Mendocino Forest Products, we like to help our readers get inventive with fun and beautiful outdoor projects. So, what else can you do with redwood lumber you may have never thought of creating? Well, we have a few imaginative ideas that will have you thinking how elegant and luxurious your backyard can look and feel.

Adirondack chairs, planters and benches made from redwood are all amazing backyard projects, and redwood easily blends with natural surroundings to look good for years to come. Because redwood is also lightweight and strong, it’s easy to cut, saw and drill with simple woodworking tools. All this means building redwood garden structures can be easy and fun.

Yet, building the backyard of your dreams is not only limited to redwood fences, planters, decks and furniture. For example, design can take on a new, almost artistic look, transforming a redwood deck into a spa or pool surround where guests can relax and enjoy the sun. If you live in warmer climates, a gazebo by itself or connected to a spa surround can be the perfect shady addition to your backyard experience. Of course, when the BBQ is sizzling, and the food is ready to eat, your friends and family can sit down at that carefully crafted picnic table built with sturdy redwood.

For those with a green thumb, a Monterey Potting Center is a great starter project that will add a little greenery and the beauty of redwood to any outdoor space. And a lovely Garden Tool Shed makes a very functional storage space for all those tools and landscaping supplies.

Building an attractive garden structure with redwood means your only limitation is your imagination. Plus, because Mendocino redwood is available exclusively at The Home Depot stores in Western states, it is easy to find. Visit our Store Locator page to find The Home Depot location nearest you.


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