Environmental Stewardship

Our redwood forestlands are managed responsibly now and will be into the future.

Environmental stewardship may be thought of as the shared responsibility for environmental quality by all those whose actions affect the environment. Another way to think about environmental stewardship is preserving land and natural resources for future generations. By both definitions, environmental stewardship is an important concept as it applies to green building and sustainable forests.

The concepts of green building and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. Broadly speaking, green building is the practice of creating structures using processes and materials that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Green building typically takes into account a building’s entire life-cycle, from the building site to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction.

Buildings impact the environment in a number of ways. They require space, materials, energy, and water, all of which are limited resources. Because of this, the growing green building movement is attempting to make concern for environmental stewardship a more central part of the building construction industry around the world.

For those who think of environmental stewardship as the preservation of land for future generations, sustainable forestry is very important. In generations past, forestlands were clear cut to remove valuable timber for lumber manufacturing. These forestlands were often replanted with fast-growing, non-native species in order to maintain a faster turnover of timber. While still occurring in some areas today, such practices have generally lost favor. It is increasingly recognized that such practices strain and damage fragile forestland ecosystems. Sustainable forestry practices are geared towards balancing the needs of the forest products industry with forestland management principles that take into account the health of the forest.

Environmental stewardship is very important as it applies to California’s redwood forestlands. Redwood from California is grown and harvested in accordance with some of the toughest environmental standards in the world. Redwood is an all natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable.


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