Eco Friendly

Eco friendly is a concept that has been growing in importance for a number of years. Eco friendly may be thought of as products and services, as well as laws and policies, intended to cause little to no harm on the environment.

Many organizations, corporations, and municipalities have begun to increasingly adopt eco friendly aspects into their day-to-day operations and product offerings. Examples of eco friendly operations may include reducing or redesigning packaging to lessen landfill impacts, recycling materials left-over from the manufacturing process, and installing energy efficient equipment. Examples of eco friendly product offerings may include organic goods, products made from renewable resources, or products that biodegrade at the end of their useful life.

Real wood is the perfect example of an eco friendly product. Wood products, such as beautiful redwood lumber products, are sourced from renewable resources – trees! Trees harness the natural power of the sun, soil and rain to grow. As trees are harvested to create beautiful wood products, new trees are planted in their place and continue nature’s cycle of removal, renewal and replacement.

Eco friendly real wood products, including redwood lumber products, will naturally biodegrade at the end of their useful life. Unlike other materials that will stay in landfills for generations, real wood readily and easily biodegrades back into the earth.

Artificial materials made of plastics or composite substances often claim to be eco friendly. These products may include some recycled materials, but typically some of the materials used in the manufacturing process are not sourced from renewable resources. In addition, the manufacturing process to create these products is often very energy intensive.


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