Refinishing Redwood

Refinishing redwood is not a difficult task at all. Because it is durable and long lasting, only simple steps are needed when refinishing redwood. Homeowners and professional contractors alike can easily undertake refinishing redwood.

“…power washing provides an excellent start to refinishing redwood decks, porches, and other structures.”

After years in the elements, most outdoor structures made of redwood, or any other natural wood, will require refinishing to retain their original beauty. If a deck, fence, or other outdoor structure was originally finished with a paint, stain, or sealant, years in the elements may cause deterioration of these finishes. Cracking and peeling typically indicates finish deterioration. Removing the deteriorating finish is desirable before refinishing redwood.

Power washing is one of the most effective methods of removing old finish, loose materials, and surface grime in preparation for a new finish. It is recommended to consult an expert or a professional contractor before power washing. It is important to use a setting appropriate for wood to avoid damage. Done correctly, power washing provides an excellent start to refinishing redwood decks, porches, and other structures.

Old finishes may also be removed by using a paint or varnish remover, of which several brands are available at hardware stores and building materials retailers. You may want to test a piece of new, clean redwood before first use to ensure the product will not discolor the wood. If no discoloration occurs, it is safe to proceed with the paint or varnish remover as a step towards refinishing redwood structures.

Please see our finishing tips informational page for instructions and advice for refinishing redwood.


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