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Redwood is nature’s own maintenance-free building material. Redwood is the perfect material for your new decks and fences, or other outdoor living project. When it comes time to build your Redwood project, easy to follow finishing tips are available to get you started. If you have any questions about these Redwood finishing tips, you may want to contact a professional contractor for additional advice and guidance.

“Water-repellant finishes with UV protection and a mildewcide offer the most protection.”

Water-repellant finishes with UV protection and a mildewcide offer the most protection for your Redwood projects. You may also choose a finish with a tinted stain to create a custom look. Regardless of the finish you choose, completing regular maintenance and keeping redwood structures clear of leaves and other debris will make refinishing redwood easy. The following Redwood finishing tips provide additional information:

1.       Apply finishes on windless days. Ideal temperature is between 50 and 70 degrees (Fahrenheit).

2.       Redwood surfaces should be clean and dry.

3.       Air-dry new structures made of unseasoned wood one month before finishing.

4.       Priming is recommended for paints and other exterior finishes.

5.       Do not use wire brushes or steel wool; metal particles may embed in the wood and cause stains.

6.       Use stiff bristle brushes to apply the finish.

7.       Use finishes recommended for wood exteriors.

8.       Follow manufacturer’s directions for all finish products.

9.       Do not mix incompatible products, as product failure may occur.

10.   Moisture is the most common cause of finish failures, so use proper vapor barriers, air vents and flashing in new construction.

11.   Redwood grades marked Certified Kiln Dried will provide the best finish retention available.

12.   To avoid nail stains, use top quality hot-dipped galvanized nails. You may also use stainless steel or aluminum nails.

13.   Periodic rinsing with a garden hose will remove surface dirt and grime.

14.   Stubborn, built-up dirt and grime can be removed by scrubbing with a bristle brush and a solution of warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse afterward.


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