Easy Maintenance

Redwood is well known for its natural durability and easy maintenance properties. You can build your dream deck, fence, and many more outdoor living projects knowing the strength and durability of redwood will allow for the easy maintenance of your outdoor living space for years to come.

Redwood lays down flat and stays straight. Redwood also displays less warping, cupping, and checking than other natural wood species. These characteristics lend themselves to the easy maintenance of redwood outdoor living structures. With Redwood, you can spend less time worrying about your deck and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Easy maintenance of redwood is also possible when it comes to finishing your project. You may decide to choose the no-maintenance option and let your redwood deck or fence age naturally, taking on a soft, weathered look over time. Conversely, you may decide to keep the surface color of your deck or fence looking like new with a finish that accentuates the unique characteristics of the wood.

Redwood’s unique cell structure allows it to hold finishes better than other woods. Redwood’s natural properties of easy maintenance mean you can simply refinish your redwood structure every few years to keep it looking like new. In addition, redwood does not stain in the same way composite materials do. With Redwood, you can worry less about barbeque grease, red wine or condiments spilling on your deck.

The easy maintenance of redwood means you can always restore faded redwood to its original color with just a few steps.


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