Do-it-yourself tips for building Redwood Fences


Do-it-yourself fence building for your backyard can be made easier if you know some tricks of the trade. Meticulously planning before even putting one post in the ground is key to making fence-building a relatively painless project. First and foremost, you should consider the quality of the wood you will be using. When you chose a material for your fence, you will want to make sure you are building a structure that will age well and last for many years to come. Mendocino redwood is an excellent choice that is not only eco-friendly, but also completely natural with no added preservatives.

After choosing your lumber, and before you embark on the do-it-yourself fence building journey, consider a few tips for planning that may come in handy. Making mistakes when building a fence can be costly and time consuming, so it is important to get it right and plan before the process even begins. It’s a good idea to look at your property line and building codes before building a fence, and set your building line 1-2 inches away from the boundaries. The last thing you would want is for all of your hard work to have to be taken down. When you are in the planning stages, make sure that you also set the fence posts about 6  to 8 feet apart. The measurement will vary depending on your terrain. You should also keep the bottom rail of the fence at least 2 inches above ground, to prevent decay and make it easier to trim your grass.

If you need more visual inspiration and tips on how to build Redwood Fences, consult our Plans and Inspiration page. At Mendocino Forest Products, we not only want you to have the very best materials to work with, we want to help aid you in the building process when you do-it-yourself.

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